FashionAntique and Vintage Wedding Bands for a Truly Unique...

Antique and Vintage Wedding Bands for a Truly Unique Ring


A wedding band that complements your engagement ring but also looks great on its own is the perfect one. A vintage or antique wedding ring is worth considering if you are looking for a ring with beautiful details that will stand out from the crowd. Modern and contemporary rings are more straightforward, but antique and vintage pieces often have intricate designs and unique details that make them truly unique.

Older bands often have a fascinating history, which can make it feel extra special to own a ring from someone else. Vintage and antique jewelry is the best sustainable jewelry because they are able to recycle and reuse at their best.

  • Here’s a selection of gorgeous Happy Life Wedding vintage and antique bands that you can purchase now. These unique pieces are more likely to sell quickly because they are rare.
  • Here’s a selection of gorgeous vintage and antique bands that you can purchase now. These unique pieces are more likely to sell quickly because they are rare.
  • This band, which dates back to the 1980s is barely vintage. It feels both older than it is. The platinum setting holds five brightly colored, criss-cross-cut diamonds. This one is versatile and will go with most engagement rings.

Doyle & Doyle Vintage Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band Ring

It’s not clear when this wedding band was made, but it is clearly older. This unique platinum band has a knife edge detail that gives it an interesting shape.

Victor Barbone Louis Pearl band

You don’t often see pearl wedding bands. This stunning option will make you think twice. This antique Victorian Era ring circa 1890 features 10 natural pearls and split shank bands. This ring is perfect for stacking because it’s feminine and delicate.

Antique Jewelry Mall 1920’s Vintage Art Deco Carved Heirloom Wedding Ring

This ring was made in the Art Deco style of the 1920s. This ring has a Explorer Wedding beautiful, simple feel, with a few extras like engraved edges made of milgrain.

Filigree Jewelers Art Deco Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

This 1920s Art Deco ring features baguette diamonds set in a channel setting. It is all on a platinum band. This ring is sleek and sporty and can be stacked with many engagement rings.

Eragem 1930’s Platinum Antique Engraved Wedding Band

This platinum ring is subtle and elegant. You really have to look closely to see all the details. It is easy to stack and slim, but it does show heavy wear.

The Three Graces English Plain Gold Wedding Band from 1987

This wide-gold wedding band is technically not vintage but it’s still on the older side. We love the large, simple band and simplicity of the yellow-gold wedding band.


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