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Best Parental Control App: Keep an Eagle’s Eye On Your Child


So my youngest kid got tangled up in the bad company. One of his friends went to prison for breaking in.  He was there on the spot and got captured by the police. His friend told them that he got him in the situation so my kid got free but he was sent to prison.This whole situation was enough for all theneighbourhood to raise questions about the kid’s company and habits. I have been busy with my jobs so it was not possible to keep him grounded for real. The grandmother had picked him up from the prison and she was constantly complaining about how it has badly affected the family’s reputation in the whole black neighbourhood and her family.  We knew that he has potential only if he selects nice company things can go a different route.

So, in the end, we decided to switch schools. We had to tell the principal about the record and thats when he assured us that he will sort this matter. With the switch of school in the attempt to change his company, my next plan was to keep him under the radar 24/7 despite my busy schedule. Yes, I too thought that it is impossible for parents working tough hours jobs to know everything about their kids.But in reality, it’s not true. There is a technology for man’s help in the form of spy apps and monitoring software. Some offer the best parental control app features that can be used for stubborn kids. I found the OgyMogy and since that day we as a family have found the right track.

  • Monitoring kids through spy apps is nothing to be ashamed of in this technological world. We live for smart gadgets and the dependence on this technology makes us do weird things. Like my kid had no plan to break into the house.At that moment he thought of that as somtheing cool like in the movies and tried. It is not right. Kids must be taught about wrong and right and most importantly how life is not a bed of roses or a Holywood movie.
  • With the help of the OgyMogy spy app, one can check the kid’s life and activities in various ways and can know if they are in any sort of trouble.
  • One of my favourite features is Geolocation tracking. The app allowsthe user to track the real-time location of the target with pinpoint accuracy. You can know about the secret hideouts and even the movement history as well with the help of the location tracking feature.
  • The best thing we did was by using the geofencing feature of the best parental control app. I put all the old neighbourhood and school locations in the restricted zone. Thus when the kid tries to go to the restricted zone the app notifies the user right away. Similarly, you can mark a safe zone on Google Maps as well.
  • You can check the correspondence of the kid with the help ofandroid spy apps. It is important as kids have sneaky ways to chat in coded language. Moreover, the latest feature also allows the chat and message content to disappear within seconds. To deal with such features to be up to date with the kid’s whereabouts and chatting habits,users can use the instant messenger and text log monitoring features. You can not only read the sent and received text content but can also identify the ID and time-stamped of the chatting.
  • Record all the teenager’s calls to know if they are receiving any spam calls or are in the bad company. The app offers call recording and calls log features to keep acheck on the call-related activities of the target kid.
  • You can know what kind of online medium is visited by the kid. Easy access to the internet and social media has made things way much simple for kids. Now you can know about a protest happening in the other corner of the neighbourhood just with a link. Keep an eye on the social media accounts and online activities of the kid with the social mediamonitoring feature of the OgyMogy spy app.

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