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Best Places For Summer Camping In Europe


One of the most enjoyable ways to create memories of the holidays is to go camping. If you have a case of wanderlust, then our list of the Top Best Places For Summer Camping In Europe is just what you need to satisfy.

Although there are many primitive campsites in Europe, if you pitch a tent in a country like Italy, Greece, or Austria, you will find that there is more of a focus on facilities. At a campground in Europe, you can rough it or glamping in luxury, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. The following are 7 of the finest camping locations throughout the continent.

7 Best Places For Summer Camping In Europe

#1. Mazury, Poland

Head to Mazury, Poland’s “green lung,” for an out-of-the-way adventure devoid of other tourists. This verdant, unspoiled country is surrounded by lakes and has dozens of little, lovely settlements and lots of camping spots.

Visit Tumiany village and stay at the Tumiany Resort Centre, a peaceful haven for nature lovers, mushroom pickers, and fishermen. Take the leisure to walk around the woodlands, looking for local species, and try your hand at kayaking or sailing. Take a bus to a bigger city like Giycko or Ek for more extensive marina and watersports possibilities.

#2. Blavand, Denmark

Denmark is ideal for camping due to its woods, coastlines, and level terrain. At the same time, you can’t simply set up tents wherever. There is a surplus of places to stake your claim. Try Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark, a luxury alternative along a 40-kilometer-long white sand beach that borders the North Sea.

Camping beneath the stars is an option, as is “glamping” (glamorous camping) in one of the site’s private villas. The sea is quiet and shallow, and the immaculate sand is excellent for beachcombing for amber from the region. It’s also an excellent family alternative, with a water park, wellness center, and children’s activities.

#3. Versailles, France

Huttopia Versailles campground, a craggy gathering of pitches amid the trees of the Versailles forest, offers a back-to-nature experience with necessary creature amenities. Rent a hut, a tent, or a caravan, all of which have minimal utilities. The Versailles Palace and its lovely grounds are only a short walk away, and you can take the RER train to Paris for the day.

Other must-see attractions are Marie Antoinette’s old residence, the Petit Trianon, Napoleon’s former home, and the National Archaeological Museum, built in a medieval castle. Several museums, galleries, churches, and natural places like the Parc de Saint-Cloud and Arboretum de Chevreloup provide a well-kept touch of nature.

#4. Camping La Pointe

Camping La Pointe, a French campground where every tent pitch offers plenty of solitude and forest vistas, has plenty of space. This gorgeous region, located just outside the town of Chateaulin, has sweeping meadows and various adjacent beaches on the Brittany coast.

There is a common hangout space, hot showers, Wi-Fi, and bicycles for hire, and the costs are meager, exceptionally if you choose an all-inclusive ticket that includes bike rental. Cafés, restaurants, a weekly outdoor market, and yearly events can be found in Châteaulin.

#5. Alpencamping Nenzing

Pitch a tent or reserve a chalet room at Alpencamping Nenzing in Austria’s Vorarlberg Alps. The tent sites are spaced out so everyone can view the mountains well, and all visitors can access the spa, pool, and restaurant.

The main activities in the region are hiking and mountain biking, although tourists may also explore the nearby towns. If you prefer the cold, put your endurance to the test by visiting during the winter, when major ski destinations such as Lech-Zürs am Arlberg offer freshly powdered slopes. Book your stay online in advance.

#6. Müllerwiese, Germany

Müllerwiese is a modest yet well-formed family-run and family-friendly oasis that has existed since 1972. The region, on the outskirts of the lovely German community of Enzklösterle, looks nothing more than a vast, attractive residential garden. It is roughly 75 pitches stretching down the River Enz. You may pitch a tent in a grassy, car-free area away from the riverbanks or rent one of two log cottages along the camping field.

The Enz offers a gurgling soundtrack, fir trees give shade, and amenities are basic but functional, including a playground in the yard. The charming Enzklösterle on your doorstep will keep you occupied, and the enormous Black Forest will save you even busier – start by visiting the tourist office just across the campground.

#7. Forest Days, Spain

The only accommodation in this Pyrenean glamping site is four fully equipped bell tents built on wooden platforms, each isolated from the others to give privacy and isolation. Visitors enjoy their vista-viewing eating place, and a hammock stands for lounging, while inside, super king-size beds are joined by bedside tables constructed of massive round logs.

A delightful stroll down the route leads to the spectacular Vall d’Ora River, where an old, unused lock has become a re-wilding waterfall, with pools on each side ideal for swimming. Offsite, the historic Spanish town of Solsona has a well-preserved center replete with a tall Catalan church and a slew of superb restaurants. Alternatively, visit Panta de Sant Ponc, a large lake excellent for kayaking and riding around the edge.


Camping is a lot of fun in Europe! If you have never Visit Europe, you must do it. Some incredible campsites in Spain will bring you closer to nature and make you question why people are ruining such a wonderful place to live. But even if you aren’t particularly philosophical at the core of your being, you can’t help but appreciate the one-of-a-kind allure these camping spots in Spain bring to the table for visitors like you.


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