TechnologyCan't connect to DHCP Server error message on Xbox?

Can’t connect to DHCP Server error message on Xbox?


If you’re getting an ‘”Can’t connect to DHCP Server Xbox’ error while trying to connect to your Xbox console over the internet or an Internet connectivity. After the UstechPortal Survey, Many of users are facing the issues regarding the common error of bitwarden error cannot decrypt . We are Findout the easiest method to Fix : Follow Instructions Mention in a link.

This article will provide easy methods or strategies to avoid this error. Let’s get going.

“DHCP Server” DHCP Server is connected to your router or other device in the network. The primary function of the DHCP Server is to supply the devices on the home network unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

If another device on the router’s network shares the same address as your Xbox console has, and also an identical IP address the Xbox console will not be able connect to the Internet or connect to an existing network.

Many Xbox users complained of receiving an “Unable to connect directly with the DHCP Server’ message whenever they tried to connect direct to their Xbox console over the Internet or networks.

The reason for this error is that it’s because the DHCP server isn’t currently in a position to grant an Xbox console with access to an Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol). This problem hinders the connection to the internet due to various reasons. This could cause that the Xbox controller’s connectivity to the internet to disconnected. problem.

The root of “Can’t connect to your DHCP Server” This error may be due to the settings on your Xbox console which let your server to assign an IP in the procedure of configuring the DHCP server.

The problem could be caused by another console or device that has an IP address that is similar as it. Xbox console’s IP. We’ll find out the cause of the problem.

What details should I know in order to fix the”Can’t join using” DHCP Server Xbox issue?

Method 1. Verify that you are in a position to power-on your console and device.

Switch off the router , and utilize the Xbox Console to correct any irregularities that could be causing this issue.

  1. Switch off your router and also Your Xbox Console The Xbox Console is turned off.
  2. Take the cords that provide electricity to the two gadgets by detaching them from outlet for power .You should leave them in place for 5 to 5 minutes.

The third step is to accomplish this, you must turn on both routers, as well as your Xbox console. Once that is done, you can allow the connection establish.

  1. The next step is to press the Menu button on your Xbox Remote and navigate into Settings > Network settings.Select “Test the Network Connection” You’ll then be able to determine if the issue has been fixed.

Method 2.  Provide an IP address that is tied to the console Xbox console Xbox console Xbox console. Supply an IP address that is fixed and tied to the Xbox console

A dynamic IP and is linked to your Xbox console might be the reason behind the problem. To resolve the issue, you must provide your IP’s static addresses to that Xbox console.

  1. Connect with your Xbox console.Once you’re connected with the Xbox remote, visit your Network Settings, Settings and Advanced Settings.
  2. In the Advanced Settings window find and note the IP found under”IP Settings” “IP Settings”..
  3. You will locate “MAC Address” in the IP Settings section.Enter the 12-digit code of the connection you’re creating from your home.
  4. Start your browser and type in the address of the primary gateway into the bar of your browser.
  5. Enter your username and password of your router in order to open the webpage which configures your router.
  6. If your router’s site to configure it , click “Enable Manual Assignment” to enable it.

7.You must fill in your IP address and MAC addresses in the fields which are provided. The field you fill in is the same as the one you filled in at the second step.

  1. Select”Add “Add” option, then check that your “Can’t connect to DHCP Server’ issue message is fixed.

Method 3. Make use of a different port or cable. The port or cable that you’re using does not work with HTML1

You can also fix this issue by switching between internet’s ports, or making use of the cable.

  1. Shut off your Xbox console and router as well as the modem and router.
  2. Make sure you remove your Ethernet cables from both devices.
  3. Be sure to connect your cable to the correct port on your router or to the modem. You may also try another cables before connecting to your router or modem.
  4. Turn off your devices and let them establish connections to the internet.
  5. Then, hit the Menu button on your Xbox remote. Once you have done this then, you will be able to access the Settings menu, and then Network and Network Settings’. Select the appropriate options to test your connection with your network. If you pass the test you’ll be able determine if the DHCP errors are corrected.

Method 4. Call Xbox Customer Service

If the issue is still persist, then you can try contacting Xbox Customer Care via ‘’ page.

This is an official Xbox Customer Service that will certainly help you fix the issue. So, it’s suggested to check this.


I am confident that this article will help you in locating solutions to the issue of not being able to connect the DHCP Server Xbox with various easy solutions. Get advice from us, and apply our recommendations to resolve the problem. If this article has been helpful to you, you can forward the article’s contents to every one of of your contacts to help them solve the.


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