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Four Windows Live Mail Common Errors and their Quick Solutions


Windows Live Mail is a free-of-cost email client for desktops by Microsoft that was available until 2016, and then was replaced by Windows Mail, the latest version of Windows Mail since then. However, it works on the two platforms of Windows 8 & 10. Many people are still using Windows 7 where Windows Live Mail is working despite from the fact Microsoft does not provide any continuous assistance or update. If there is a problem that is not resolved, the user must be able fix the issue manually and access their data with no interruption.

Let’s start our journey to identify frequently occurring Windows Live Mail Errors and their best solutions.

Windows 10 error for Windows Live Mail

We’ve already mentioned in the past that Windows Live Mail can be used using Windows 10 ever after its discontinuation of support, many customers have reported that the app displays an error when trying to login to their accounts. Because you don’t wish to transfer your data into the brand new Windows Mail or Office 365, you must find a different solution.

  • Try opening the WLM as Administrator using the compatible mode.
  • Make sure you have your previous WLM account up again using the same credentials.
  • Remove the old account and create the new account from scratch.
  • Then, Install Windows Essentials 2012 again in Windows 10.
Authentication Error 0x800CCC0B in Windows Live Mail

In the email client If you are signed in with legal credentials then you don’t need to verify your account in order to send an email. However, WLM has the additional security layer, which displays the error code 0x800CCC0B when an email is sent by the user. an email.

The error highlights the necessity for you to verify your email account with an email service. It is possible to set up manually authenticated for individual accounts or turn on the steps by assistance from the following steps.

  • Click on the Accounts tab on the Windows Live Mail.
  • Select the account experiencing authentication issues and then go to the account’s Properties.
  • After you have opened the Properties wizard for the account, select the Server tab, and then click the checkbox to select “My server requires authentication” in the outgoing Mail Server section.

The authentication process will now be activated for both incoming and outgoing emails of the account you have chosen. By default, email service providers will only need an password and email address for the success of the email communications. If, however, there are other settings to sign-in and password, you can change them as well.

  • Hit to the Settings button.
  • On the Outgoing Email Server page, select ‘Log on using’ and then enter the required information.
Error in sending emails 0x8007007A Windows Live Mail

If the program fails for sending an email another user, you’ll be faced with the particular error. Microsoft has discovered that this error is caused when a user attempts to send the OneDrive media as an attachment to an email. Even though the OneDrive content is available online in isolation, when it is also attached in an email, WLM will give an error.

  • Remove the message that shows the error. Send the email again by attaching the file using an internet connection that is faster.
  • Take down your WLM account from WLM.
  • Create the same WLM account, and then forward the images via the email attachment.
  • Uncheck the box ‘Create an email using photos as attachments.’
Error 0x800CCC0E if it is determined that the link to server been unsuccessful

Many people who have updated to Windows 7 platform. They experienced the problem that they were unable to email or receive them. They also received an error message that the link to server been lost. Microsoft has offered a variety of explanations and possible solutions;

  • The settings for Date/Time are not correct The settings for Date/Time are incorrect, Update the Date/Time settings on your computer.

For Windows 10, right-click to the clock, and then click adjust date/time. Then, you can change the settings.

  • DLL security certificates can not be registered correctly security certificates for DLL may not be registered correctly. The DLL that is required by Windows Live Mail may not be registered with the operating system. It could be registered correctly through the command prompt.

Open a Command Prompt and then type in the regsvr command in order to register the DLL.

  1. A firewall could hinder Windows Live Mail from sending or receiving the mails. The computer is equipped with a Firewall to block the untrusted applications from running, however the latest update may block Windows Live Mail from running. Therefore, you must alter the settings of your firewall using the WLM support features.
  • There are in error entry in host’s file and stop the WLM from sending emails.
    Type %windir%\system32\drivers\etc in the run and go to the folder containing the host file. Clean out the old mail server’s information and create a new host file. Save it and then add it to Windows Live Mail.

Because of the absence of security patches for Windows Live Mail, there may be a lot of mistakes that you be required to address. It is recommended to migrate to Outlook as well as Office 365 with the new tools that are better suited to handling emails safely and efficiently. To speedily transfer EML files from Windows Live Mail to PST file, users can use the EML Converter software.


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