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Instagram Hashtag Feed: How To Select And Embed Instagram Hashtag Feeds


Hashtags have made a suitable place for themselves in every marketer’s marketing arsenal. Both consumers and brands are leveraging them for quickly discovering and segregating content.

Apart from this, hashtag campaigns have become a huge phenomenon and are being used for every brand no matter if they are established or new in the market.

This is mainly because hashtag campaigns are a great way to widen a brand’s reach and also help to generate lots of User-Generated Content. In today’s content marketing strategy, User-Generated Content holds a significant role to engage, targeting, and converting potential customers.

A whopping 80% of customers leverage UGC in their shopping journey while making purchase-related decisions. People use platforms like social media as a medium to express their views and opinions on a brand’s products and services. They express their opinions in the form of images, videos, GIFs, etc. Additionally, people see the views expressed by the existing customers of a brand before they make a purchase.

Taking advantage of this, brands have begun to display Instagram hashtag feed on their website to enjoy multiple benefits like more engagement and displaying UGC to gain trust and eventually gain more conversions. If you too want to include this strategy in your business, then make your way till the end to know-how.

Steps to embed Instagram hashtag feed on your website

Step 1 – Select a hashtag

First things first, you need to begin by ensuring that the hashtag selected by you is easy to recall, is crisp, and can be remembered easily by your audience. An easy-to-remember hashtag can help you generate more content for your campaign.

Moreover, you need to ensure that your hashtag has an interesting element to it so that it pushes your followers to use it. For example – a campaign like #ShareACoke remained imprinted in the minds of the social media users due to its simple yet interesting concept.

Step 2 – Pick an Instagram hashtag aggregator tool

Once your followers start using the hashtag to create the content, you can move on and begin the aggregation process. Start with selecting a hashtag aggregation tool. There are a large number of tool options present online that can help you aggregate content from your preferred hashtag.

You can leverage a tool like the Taggbox widget. This tool is a social media aggregator that can help you collect, curate, and embed content from various connection types including hashtags. You have the option to choose your preferred social media platform including Instagram. The users can then use the additional functionality of the tool to improve their widget’s overall look and performance. Taggbox widget also offers a profanity filter that can be used to remove any unwanted content from the widget. A few other features are real-time automatic updates, a robust back support team, etc.

Step 3 – Aggregate the feeds

After you have picked the tool, you will now be ready to aggregate the hashtag content. You will reach the dashboard section of the tool after logging in. Select Instagram as your content aggregation platform and choose hashtag as your connection type.

Type in the hashtag from where you want to collect the content. Type in the required fields and click on Create feed. You will be able to see the aggregated feeds within a few moments.

Step 4 – Customize the hashtag widget

Next up, you will have the option to customize the widget as per your requirements. You will be able to use the customization options based on the tool selected by you.

You will then be able to improve the look and feel of your hashtag widget by selecting options like themes, templates, font, etc. Moreover, you may be given the option to moderate the content of the widget by removing any unwanted content from it. This way you will be able to improve the overall appearance of the widget and be able to garner more attention from your website visitors.

Step 5 – Generate the embed code and embed the feeds on your website

After you are done and satisfied with the presence of the widget, you will be able to embed the widget on your preferred website. Begin by choosing to publish and selecting your website building platform.

Click on the Get Code option to generate your embed code and copy it to the clipboard. Go to the admin account of your CMS platform and navigate to the page where you wish to embed the feeds. Go to the backend section of the section and paste the embed code in the provided section. Save the changes and done! You would have successfully been able to embed the hashtag feed on your website.

Last Note

Simple simple, wasn’t it? This brings us to the end and now that you are well known for the process, go on and begin the process right away to reap the amazing results that the strategy offers!


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