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Things to Avoid to Achieve Good Scores in the UPSC Exam


Plenty of competitive exams are in line to be conducted this year and one of the eminent exams is the UPSC exam. Students could be seen breaking their backs for the entire day and night preparing for the UPSC exam. However, they still make a lot of mistakes, not only during their preparation journey but also while attempting the exam. 

So, in this article, we want to make you aware of some mistakes that can spoil your hard work and drag you away from your goals. Pay attention to the points and notice whether you make such mistakes or not. If yes, avoid doing so to accomplish your goal of cracking the UPSC exam. Well, to strengthen your UPSC exam preparation with the prominent guidance of a trainer, you can find a top coaching platform on Search India

Here are some mistakes you must avoid to perform excellently in the UPSC exam: 

  • Showing up late 

Appearing late at the examination center will make you feel nervous and you may not get an entry inside. This way, you can lose this golden opportunity of making a flourishing career. So, arrange proper convenience one day prior to the exam and arrive early at the examination center. You must check in at the examination center at least 1 hour before the exam to avoid any hassle. The major reason for showing up late for the exam could be waking up late at night. So, make sure to sleep early, set an alarm to wake up on time and get ready for the exam. 

  • No knowledge of the exam pattern 

If you don’t look at the examination pattern and appear in the exam with incomplete knowledge, you may get nervous after checking your question paper. Suppose, you have not completed some sections and the question paper involves a number of questions from those sections. What will you do then? Nothing will be in your hands. So, make sure to have proper information about the exam pattern as well as the syllabus before you start your exam preparation so that nothing could be missed.  

  • Rushing through the simplest question 

Finding easy questions in the question paper is a feeling of happiness. However, some candidates still put their success in danger by rushing through such questions. You must know that overconfidence always ruins things. Many candidates don’t read the statement properly and mark the answer. They don’t know that the statements and the terms are totally different from what you have prepared. Just because the type of question is the same doesn’t mean the values and the answer would be the same. So, pay attention to the statement, look at the terms and values, solve it and then mark your answer. 

  • Getting stuck on the hard questions 

Now comes the part students are afraid of. Students start feeling under the weather when they come across complicated questions in the exam. They get nervous and spend a lot of time to solve a single arduous problem. In the end, they get no time to solve easy questions that they have prepared perfectly. So, avoid doing such a blunder in the UPSC exam and keep hard questions to be solved in the end. Make sure to solve the easiest questions first and the questions you are sure about to boost your scores. 

  • Poor time management skills 

As you know that the UPSC exam is time-bound, you won’t get extra time to solve questions. So, it is imperative to build time-management skills to attempt your exam timely. However, some candidates don’t manage their time wisely even after knowing that it can cost them their success in the exam. You must develop a clear strategy of how to attempt the questions, which section to clove first, how much time you have to allocate to each question and a lot more. This clear strategy will help you manage everything perfectly and assist you in attempting maxim questions within a time duration. 

  • Using short tricks unnecessarily 

Although short tricks can help you get accurate answers within a short time, it doesn’t mean you will apply short tricks to all the questions. You must know that short tricks are not applicable to each type of question. Therefore, you first have to practice a number of questions with the help of short tricks to analyze whether you are able to get accurate questions or not. This will give you a cutthroat idea of where you can apply short tricks and where not. Hence, save you from marking wrong answers in the exam. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, nothing can hurt you more than a failure in the exam after working laboriously. So, make sure to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to boost your scores in order to achieve success in the UPSC exam. 


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