It is one of the holiest places in India for hindu pilgrims, located in the rudraprayag district in uttarakhand. Other than kedarnath, there are 4 other kedar in uttarakhand. But kedarnath is one of the famous dham and most important in uttarakhand. The temple is located at 3587 m from sea level. It is perfectly located near the mandakini river. It is truly the best trek which can fulfil your trekking satisfaction. The entire mountain cape looks stunning and the majestic view of kedarnath temple and magnificent kedarnath peak in the backdrop is the best view you could ever see. It is now one of the top treks in uttarakhand. The stunning views of sunrise and sunset are unmatchable. The glory of the sun rays from the snow capped peaks give a golden colour which is truly photogenic. You will find thousands of pilgrims at a time. Trekking in winter is totally a different experience.

Total kedarkantha trek distance you need to cover is 18 km and it takes 8 to 10 hours. So there are many things you need to require on this trek.


The most important thing you need to keep in mind is carry less wait, only essentials should be in your backpack. Warm clothes are required which makes you feel warm.

  • WARM CLOTHES : as it is located close to the glaciers, temperature in kedarnath is frizzy even in summers. So carry woollen clothes, which will keep you warm. A pair of woollen socks and wind cheater is also required.
  • MEDICINES : as you are aware that the temple is located at high altitude, chances of falling sick or a fever is high. So carry some medicines which are popular for cold and fever. In case of vomiting and stomach pain, carry required medicines for it. These medicines will help you to be independent and not dependable on any other person.
  • GOOD SNOW HIKING BOOTS : a pair of good trekking shoes is required to conquer a trail of 18 km. It will easily take 9 hours to accomplish, so trekking with good quality hiking boots will make your task easy. If you are planning to buy hiking boots, try 1 size bigger than you usually wear. It will prevent your toe from swelling.
  • PACK FOODS : carry some packed food which will give you energy for your 18 km of trek, instead of buying parathas [famous indian chapati] which will make you feel helpless during your trail. Light food is preferable which will keep you warm. Carry some chocolates, dry fruits, biscuits they will be your power package on your trail.
  • WATER BOTTLE : keep yourself hydrated in such high altitude treks, drinking enough water will keep your pulse rate normal. Carry a hot water bottle which is very beneficial in cold temperatures. You can even witness a snowfall if you are lucky enough. You can get water at various small shops during your trek, but hot water is something you will crave for. So better be prepared.
  • UMBRELLA : carrying an umbrella is necessary on this 18 km of trail. Kedarnat receives rainfall from time to time, sometimes it will be a sunny day and within minutes you can witness rain. And nobody wants to experience it if the weather is cold. Prevent your clothes from being


Networks on mountains are hard to find, but at this altitude jio is the most preferable network with good networking.


  • Carry extra mobile batteries or power banks in case of emergencies.
  • Start your trek as early as possible, to avoid most of the time beyond the sun. sunrays at this altitude strike more than in plains.
  • Umbrellas and raincoats are beneficial.
  • Walking with good quality trekking boots and less weight will make your trek time shorter. A heavy weight backpack can cause pain in your back.
  • Carry at least 2 litre of water for a person, also don’t throw waste anywhere.
  • Be aware of ponies on your trail, they can hit you coming back from the temple and it can cause some serious injuries.

Lies in uttarkashi district of uttarakhand. The Triangle shaped mountain is very pleasant to watch and makes it more interesting. On june 15th  of every month a fair is organised in kedarnath to worship lord shiva and ganesha. They call them meru bhagwan in their language. It is not a one time place, this place is something you want to be every year.


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