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Top 5 Tips to Become A 3D Animator in 2022


From biodiversity animals to alien robots to the resurrection of older people, 3D animators have turned our wildest imaginations in this world and elsewhere into reality. Turning into a 3D animator is simple.

Since Pixar made a forward leap in “Toy Story” in 1995, 3D animation has in practically no time overwhelmed our media. Now there are lots of video animation services available. People now want to become 3D animators. A quick glance at the latest Hollywood blockbusters will reveal how much you rely on 3D animators to turn these imaginary worlds into reality. As the industry grows exponentially, more people want to become 3D animators.

Five Tips to Become A 3D Animator

Look at the 5 tips that will help you become an outstanding animator.

1- Understand sports

3D animators are mainly concerned with sports. Activity is what it resembles. It educates us regarding the world and characters.

In reality, everything works as per the laws of material science. In the animation world, everything moves according to the animator’s decision.

Unlike traditional animation (animator depicting the continuous movement of 2D characters), professional 3D animators usually assemble and move characters provided by 3D modelers (such as Puppeteer). Be that as it may, there is no mistake. This is certainly not a simple errand. 3D animators don’t just “move things.”

All actions are guaranteed to be meaningful and based on reality through purposeful animation. The audience can and can detect inconsistent actions. For example, if all characters behave like plastic dolls, you can postpone them (unless it is a Lego movie). On the other hand, realistic animation can become authentic to the most beautiful creatures and elements.

2- Continuous practice

Do lots of practice to become a 3D animator. There are no tricks or alternate routes here. The way to learning 3D animation is through cognizant perception and reiteration.

Just like a good editor, a good animation feels seamless. This requires a keen understanding of fundamental movements. Animators often use real-world reference materials, whether studying live animals, having actors perform scenes, or watching people in cafes.

Beginning through the thing you are most cherishing about is best. For Selman, this is character liveliness. When he worked on the same task over and over again, his enthusiasm kept him moving forward, often leaving and starting again until he was happy. By the end of all these exercises, he spent a whole day and only 30 minutes to complete it.

3- Learning craft

Start learning the craft to become a 3D animator. With so many online resources and tutorials nowadays, 3D animation seems easy to learn by yourself. However, the main disadvantage of self-study is that it is difficult to improve your eyes. You need to know what to look for to gauge your proficiency.

Reviewing your work with a professional perspective and providing feedback can help you develop your vision and skills.

The school is also an excellent place to visit and build a professional network of contacts. With the development of industry, companies and recruiters have been looking for animators, so they are looking for talent.

4- Choose your path and understand your area of ​​expertise

Choose your path and understand your area of ​​expertise to become a 3D animator. Recruiters are very clear about what they want because every project has different needs. They may ask you if you have made an animation for the spaceship or if anyone is throwing rocks. If they need to animate giraffes and do animal work in Lille, they will want to see how good your content is.

Even if the company doesn’t need you to participate in the specific show they are producing, they may call you for the next project.

It’s also good to know where you want to work and what the company wants. Then you can prepare something suitable for them to attract their attention.

5- Be consistent when looking for a job

It is easy to lose confidence when looking for a job. Due to a large number of applicants, any company’s recruitment process takes a long time. If you do not receive a response after two weeks, please go to the company to check what you are looking for. A simple message is enough. For example: “I applied for that position. I want to hear your feedback. If your resume or presentation scroll does not meet your company’s standards, you will see areas for improvement and reapplication.”


Reviewing your work with a professional perspective can help you develop your vision and skills. Be consistent when looking for a job. The junior position is the beginning of a 3D animator’s career. Your work experience is as necessary as your presentation reel. If you do not receive a response after two weeks, please go to the company to check what they are looking for.


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