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Addiction and Divorce


Infidelity and money problems may come to mind when you consider causes of divorce. Addiction is another significant cause of divorce. The third most frequent reason for divorce is addiction. In addition to being bad for the body, a drug or alcohol addiction can be bad for a marriage, especially if the other partner is sober. Counselling Online at TalktoAngel can help you to deal with addiction.

An addiction of any kind can ruin a marriage. The person is using all the money from the marriage to buy drugs or alcohol. They may start acting violently and verbally. They might not be able to maintain a job. They could be careless and uninterested in having children or maintaining a marriage.

Being able to trust someone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol might be challenging. Given that trust is the cornerstone of any marriage, this is a serious problem. Marriage is doomed if you cannot rely on a partner to be a good one.

Because addiction affects every family member and causes disruption within the family structure, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence refers to it as a “family disease.”

When confronted with the chaos that is typical in a home when a parent is addicted, family members develop undesirable coping techniques. An addict’s partner and kids frequently take on more obligations at home to make up for their partner’s or parent’s carelessness. Family members’ unpleasant or unsettling experiences and the normalization of the addicted family member’s deviant conduct distort reality. For the children of the relationship, divorce and substance misuse are both associated with a number of issues.

Spouses of addicts may have to deal with money issues caused by substance abuse or addiction, such as their addict squandering the house payment on drugs or losing their job. The addicted person may abuse them sexually, emotionally, or physically. They can try to keep their spouse’s addiction a secret from friends or family members, which can be very stressful and make them feel alone.

The relationship itself is frequently missing as well. Alcoholic males are more likely than sober men to have strained relationships with their wives. They both report diminished sexual satisfaction and more sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, along with their wives.

These problems result in unhealthy habits, negative ways of thinking, and a poor quality of life for the partner who is not an addict. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the study referenced earlier found that over half of these marriages result in divorce.

However, a lot of partners worry about becoming divorced. They are worried about feeling guilty. After all, the marital vows state that a couple must remain together “for better or for worse.” Their partner is going through a challenging moment. They are dealing with a significant personal issue. Their partner ought to be there for them, right? They can’t divorce someone when they are most needed, or can they?

Simply put, someone who is addicted needs to receive help. Because addiction is a progressive illness, it cannot get better on its own. It is unwise to keep a marriage going when a partner refuses to get assistance and spirals lower, especially if there are kids involved.

Children need a stable family environment, which cannot exist if one or both parents are dependent on drugs or alcohol.

If your addicted spouse has given up trying, there is no need for you to try anymore. Seeing a loved one suffer from such a condition while also being aware that they are committing suicide every day can be upsetting. Your partner is unwilling to prioritize your marriage over their addiction. Despite the fact that you can obviously see that he or she is unhappy with the current state of affairs, your only alternative may be divorce if your partner won’t put any effort into the union.

It’s difficult to deal with addiction. At some point, you have to decide that enough is enough and go on with your life. This entails dissolving your union and initiating a divorce.

Addiction is a common reason for divorce, and it is understandable why. Addiction produces actions that can break up a marriage. Here are a few examples:

Trust issues stem from addiction: A drunk or drugged person is not someone you can trust. They regularly make up information concerning their whereabouts and activities. Not one falsehood, but several. It results in a lot of lying, which can ruin a marriage and one’s trust



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