HealthBest Ways To Keep Your Smile Pretty and Healthy

Best Ways To Keep Your Smile Pretty and Healthy


A pretty smile makes you feel confident. It elevates your personality to an altogether different level. You feel good about yourself all the time, and even others find you amicable seeing your gentle demeanor topped off with pearly whites and great gums. But, if your smile is not good, it may lower your self-esteem and dent your confidence in a big way. For that reason, you should never ignore your dental health and always focus on maintaining your facial charms. And why would you not, as it virtually costs nothing to maintain a perfect smile!

Here are some of ways to keep your smile pretty and healthy

  1. Give greater focus to oral care

Your smile is only as good as the health of your teeth and gums. It’s therefore important to start giving greater focus to oral care and achieve the desired confidence. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing between the teeth, rinsing the mouth after every meal and cleaning the tongue, are some of keys to keeping your teeth as healthy as required for a great smile. Your teeth can’t look white and bright with lax approach to oral care. So, start taking oral care more seriously and give your smile a serious boost in the process.

  1. Eat and drink healthy

Brushing and flossing may prove inadequate if you don’t eat and drink healthy. After all, your food choices will have a big role to play in the way your teeth and gums look and feel. Binging on sugary snacks or eating sugar-rich items can harm your teeth greatly. Sweet items often invite plaque and bacteria and eventually lead to tooth decay. On the other hand, a diet rich in fruits, leafy green vegetables, cheese, yoghurt, almonds, celery, garlic, onions and pineapples can keep your teeth and gums brighter and whiter.

  1. Cut back on tea, coffee and alcohol

Your pearly white teeth will lose their natural hues and luster if you’re not careful about your foods and drinks. So, if you are habitual to waking up to a hot cup of tea, brace yourself up for stained and discolored teeth. The same risks are there when you drink coffee in excess as it can ruin your teeth beyond repair. Similarly, alcohol is bad for your smile, literally, as it leaves you with dry mouth and cause tooth discoloration in the process. Being mindful about the intake of these drinks is the only way forward towards a great smile.

  1. Avoid smoking or tobacco

You just can’t go on using tobacco product and expert a great smile. This won’t happen ever. You have to draw the line and make your choices clear. Because, tobacco in any form, including smoking, is bad for your teeth and gums with risks as diverse as tooth decay, stained teeth, gum disease etc. Worse still, smokers are notorious for yellowish tinge to their teeth and their breath is always stinking. The chemicals present in tobacco can harm your teeth and gums a lot, so avoid them if you want a perfect smile.

  1. Consider tooth whitening or a crown

Tooth whitening is a very popular way to get your teeth several shades whiter and brighter in a cost-effective manner. You could also consider a crown to fix any damage to your teeth so that the beauty of smile can be restored. There is cosmetic dentistry flushing to benefit from if you think that your smile is compromised due to any dental problem. You can also consult an oral hygienist expert nearby your location like New York City and see what is harming your teeth and how to treat the problem easily.


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