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How just sold postcards can help real estate agents get new listings


A “For Sale” sign placed on the lawn is the traditional method of advertising property for sale. Although this is still a useful method, it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Today’s society is more focused on their phones and tablets than looking through classified ads or driving around the city checking out properties posted on For Sale signs along the roadsides.

Just Sold Postcards are a popular tool for real estate agents. These postcards contain information and photos about properties that have been recently sold in your local area. This article will explain how Just Sold Postcard can be used to help you get new clients.

What is a Just Sold Postcard?

Just Sold Postcards feature real estate listing information and a photograph of the property on one side. These cards are used by real estate agents as a way to promote recently sold properties in their local area and attract potential home buyers.

While some real estate agencies require that agents use Just Sold Postcards to sell their properties, others may provide them at no cost or recommend them.

How Do Real Estate Postcards Help You Obtain New Clients?

Real estate agents who specialize in selling properties in particular areas can use Just Sold Postcards to promote their services. The card includes the contact information and name of the agent selling the property. It also contains the address and a photograph of the house.

This is a great tool because people interested in selling their homes in a particular area don’t usually stay updated on the value of their property Business Step By Step until it is time to sell. It’s easy to keep potential sellers in mind with marketing postcards

This postcard serves as a reminder for potential home sellers. It also provides them with an easy way to contact you for assistance in finding their next property.

A Just Sold Postcard, in addition to directly advertising your services, is also a great way to generate leads for a home-buying service. These cards are sent out to the homeowner who sold their house, and any other interested parties in the area who may be interested in downsizing or moving into a new home.

It’s a great way of getting your contact information and name in front of potential clients. They’ll be more likely to remember you if they are ready to sell the property.

How do Sold Postcards Work

You can send Just Sold postcards directly to your brokerage (if they offer it) or through direct mail companies that specialize on real estate postcards like Wise Pelican.

These companies are experts in creating Just Sold Postcards that will suit your brokerage or real-estate agency. They will work with your company to design a design that best represents your company.

You can also have them help you select layouts for your postcards, so that you can send as many cards as you want to different locations without worrying about sending out cards that don’t get noticed.

Final Closing price of the Home

This information is crucial. This information informs potential home-sellers about the possible price ranges they might receive for their property in the area.

Your Just Sold Postcard message should be short and motivating. It’s not practical to spend too much time reading text. Keep it short and simple.

A great Just Sold Postcard example can be a simple way to convey the benefits of your work. You can use printed material to communicate directly with those who could benefit from your services.

Photo and address of the home

Your Just Sold Postcard should include the address of the house and a great photo of it. People love photos of houses they are interested in. Including the address allows them to easily find out more information about that property.

The last piece of information you need to include in your contact information is your website address, email address, or phone number. You can also include your photo on the card – Just Sold Postcard has a custom layout Daily Business Study option where you can upload an image and place it wherever you like on the postcard to make it stand out to your customers.

Real estate brokers and agents who work with buyers can use Just Sold Postcards to generate leads and remind clients how amazing you are.

These cards are affordable when purchased in bulk and easy to design. They also beautifully display key information for your target audience. To make your postcards stand out, choose a design that is specific to your agency.

Why send only sold postcards

You should send your Just Sold Postcard as soon as possible after the sale closes. This will allow you to make the most of it. These cards can be used as a follow up technique to gain more business from clients who might not have been willing to work with you at the time they first contacted your agency.


You can use Just Sold postcards to promote your services as an agent and to help you generate leads for your home-buying service. Your postcards can be used to complement other lead generation methods such as seminars, social media and print media.


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