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How to find Ridiculously Easy Way to Increase Affiliate Income


Earning an income through affiliate sales is one of our favorite ways to make money as bloggers. But it’s one that can often be very difficult. It seems like some bloggers do it really well but oftentimes i hear from people I’m trying so hard. I don’t seem to be making any sales. there’s a lot of ways to maximize affiliate commissions today. Here at UK coursework editing services, I want to show you a very simple way that you can boost your affiliate sales right now on your blog in just a few minutes okay. I just made you a hefty promise but I really did just spend a very short period of time working on something for the income school website something that we’ve been trying out that does a good job of boosting affiliate sales.

When it comes to creating really good blogs we find that we do very very well with very helpful informational content but there’s a lot of that kind of content that gets us traffic but that doesn’t really lend itself to affiliate sales. So how do we get more affiliate sales sure we can earn from ads but how do we get more affiliate sales so with that informational content we’ve got a really neat way that you can start to push some affiliate sales even when there’s nothing in that piece of content that really lends itself to that. Here’s how we’re doing it. This is an article on the income school website. It’s old, it’s been up here for a few years but it’s one that still gets traffic. so i went in today to go ahead and do a quick little update and as i uh as i scroll through here you know it pushes our membership it pushes project 24 but there’s not really much on. here I mean it’s about affiliate marketing. It’s an article about affiliate marketing but there’s no affiliate links anywhere in the article and so what can i do to maybe start earning some affiliate commissions well here’s what i did i added a little section to the bottom of the blog post you’ll see.

 if you look real closely I added a little bit of a spacer here and then i just added a segment here are some of my favorite blogging tools this is generic this isn’t written specifically for this article it just picks out a few of my favorite tools that I’ve recommended in other places on my website. Now this isn’t a strong affiliate push. There are some articles that we write where there’s almost no choice by the end of the article like if you’re interested in this you should click my link and buy the product today. These aren’t those types of posts. but this gives me an opportunity because it’s a website that’s an article about affiliate marketing the whole website is about internet marketing so why not have some of my favorite tools here a lot of the people reading this are going to need web hosting a lot of them are going to need stock photography and a lot of them are going to be interested in advertising on their blog. So let’s just give them some links that might not boost my links like 2x or 3x but if you incorporate this across your whole website you’ll actually be able to see a fairly sizable increase in total affiliate clicks and therefore affiliate commissions. now let me show you how to do this super super easy here I am in the Gutenberg editor I put a little spacer here this is 35 pixels I’ve written this it’s just regular text now I could make it stand out by adding you know maybe a background color I played around with some of that but i decided just to leave it as is but if I wanted to make it stand out a little more I easily could this is where it gets super helpful.

 i can just highlight all of these including my spacer there we go and then I group them and then I add to reusable blocks. This is cool so blogging recommended products and I click save all right. so now when i update the blog post it’s going to ask me do you want to just update the post so let’s say if I make a change here um I just made a dummy change right now it’s going to say oh are you trying to update the reusable block awesome. so i saved that now the reusable block has been updated now I go into another blog post this is another super old blog post has almost no content in it I don’t even know if it gets traffic today but now i can go add a new block and I just type in blogging ooh blogging recommended products wham o there it is and as I write new content on the site. or if i want to go through some of my higher traffic posts from the past i can add this block over and over and over again to the bottom of my blog post now there’s one more thing i could add to this block that i neglected to do before this video but I’d like to do now somewhere on your website.

 Let’s say that you have a page like we do. This is a page where we basically link out to some of our favorite products um some are affiliate links some are not but these are our favorite products that we like to recommend to people that come to our website right. if you have created a page like that which can be a really valuable thing to do at the bottom of this i could add to see all of my most up-to-date recommendations and this is just an internal link to this other page on my website. now here’s the real question if i update this now let’s refresh this now that was cool did you see that i don’t know if you just noticed what happened what happened is i took this post this isn’t where i made that change right i made that change in a different blog post i saved it in here. When I updated it I saved the block and then in this post when I refreshed it it added that new piece of content that’s what’s so cool so I have this reusable block group that now is going to be spread out all across articles on my site. and if i ever want to make a change to it i change it in one of those blog posts and it’s spread all across the site this is one of the reasons why i really like the direction wordpress is going with their gutenberg editor the blocks style of editing it just opens up so many more doors to be able to create reusable blocks to be able to create templates essentially for blog posts and in the process of doing that make our lives as bloggers. so much easier and allow you to do cool things like this to help boost affiliate sales across your website.



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