EducationStudy Visa Requirements Students Must Know

Study Visa Requirements Students Must Know


Do you feel like a kid in a candy store when you think about studying abroad? Do you want to enroll in a world-class university in a foreign country? Well, this is not easy as it will cost you an arm and a leg to move abroad and that too to the university of your choice. Apart from this, you need to fulfill some requirements to get your study visa without any hassle. 

Are you aware of the study visa requirements? If not, then this article will let you know about each and everything that is requisite for studying abroad. For sure, this article will help you collect each and every single document so that nothing could be missed at the final moment. However, if you want assistance from an expert to get your documentation right for the UK study visa, you can approach the best UK study visa consultants in Jalandhar

Here are the visa requirements students must fulfill to study abroad: 

  • Valid passport 

A passport is a prime requisite to move abroad whether you want to apply for a study visa, spouse visa or tourist visa.  You must have a valid passport to apply for a study visa. The validity of your passport can vary depending on various nations. So, you need to keep a check on the expiry date of your passport. If it is going to expire in the coming months, immediately apply for renewal. Apart from that, you have to check whether your passport has blank pages for stamping a visa or not. If not, apply for a new one to avoid any issues later. 

  • Proof of a bonafide student 

Whether you are applying for Uk, USA, Germany, Australia or Canada, if you are going to apply for a study visa, you need to prove that you are a bona fide student. For that, you can take a bona fide certificate from the school/college you have studied. 

  • Financial funds 

To get a student visa without any problem, you need to show that you are capable of managing your funds such as tuition and college expenses, traveling expenses and other living expenses. The limit of financial funds could vary depending on different countries. For instance, for Canada, you must have at least 18-20 lacs in your account. However, for the UK, the amount inclines to 40 lacs and that for Germany and Australia is less. If the authorities find that you won’t have enough funds to manage the expenses while studying abroad, they will refuse your visa application. Therefore, plan well and arrange the required funds to get your student visa timely.

  • Language proficiency test 

Are you planning to study German? Are you able to speak or understand Dutch? If not, then how could you understand the lecture and how could you write in the exams? In the same way, if you are applying for an English-speaking country, you must have knowledge of English. You must be able to speak and understand English. After learning the language properly, you need to appear for the language proficiency test to show your proficiency in a particular language. If you manage to achieve the required number of scores in the test, only then you will be able to move to a specific country. So, get details of the language proficiency test required for the country in which you are planning to move, prepare well and apply for the test. 

  • How to get a student visa? 

After fulfilling all the requirements, you have to follow some steps to apply for a study visa. You can either apply through an online mode or visa offline mode as per your preference and comfort. However, be careful with the steps as any neglect can cost you much. So, here are the steps to apply for the study visa: 

  • Choose a country, make a decision of the study program and apply for a particular study program that suits your interest and educational background. 
  • Make an appointment at the embassy. 
  • Collect all the documents and range them properly. 
  • Submit the visa payment. 
  • Appear for the interview. 

After following these steps, you need to wait for a few days for the response. Well, if you want to avoid errors in order to get 100% success in the USA study visa, you can take the best consultation from a reliable source. 

Summing up: 

To sum up, these are all the requirements you must fulfill to get your study visa in a targeted time. Well, it is better to approach a consultancy to get proper support throughout the visa application journey in order to ensure your success.


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