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What are the 10 questions asked to a shifting company before hiring?


Before hiring a company the customers want that they must receive proper services from the Moving and packing company according to their satisfaction. But, to ensure that the company is reliable, the customers have to ask some frequent questions to check the reliability of the company. Asking questions means you are conducting details research on the company. Ask the question if you want to get positive services from Packers and Movers Company. From their answers, you can make conclusions and helps you to select an appropriate company.

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Let’s dive into the topic know more about the 10 moest asked questions to a shifting company before hiring

There are some questions that you can ask a company during the survey

1 How many years of experience do your staff members have?

The first question that would be asked by a customer is how many years of experience do your staff members have?. Have they passed any training in packing and moving? Be sure in advance that the workers of the company have handling ample experience in their hands about the specific move.  Movers and Packers know how to handle circumstances that will occur during their move. The customer enquires about all types of services given by the staff member in their past years.

2 What are the skills have your team members?

Another important question which would be asked by the customer is what are the main skills the hiring company has? For example, providing quick and safe moving and packing, providing services according to customer’s satisfaction, and providing services at less cost. As well as have they a good knowledge of how to keep safe during moving the items from one place to another. Can they read office plans and road maps?  Have they any ability how to provide services according to customer satisfaction?

3 Do you use any vehicles during providing the services of moving and packing?

Another important question that arises when customers want to hire a moving and packing company is that is which type of vehicles they used when they move products or items during moving and packing. Have they used those vehicles which do not damage the product or item during transit? Do they use vehicles such as trucks, Cars, Vans, Motor cars, and many more which provide safety to the product or an item during the transit or not? They have more skills in how to drive a vehicle by carrying a product compared to customers.

4 What type of insurance policy do you provide to your customers?

After that, the next question that a customer can ask the Moving and packing company is do you provide any insurance policy to your customer or not? The customer can ensure in advance before hiring a moving and packing company that they will provide insurance policies that will cover all the risk to be damaged incurred during the transit by the hiring company. They can also check the history of a moving and packing company and how they cover the risk of their past customers.

5 What is the fee structure for the services that you provided?

This is an important question that customers can ask what is the fee structure of the different types of services that you provided? You can also analyze the fee structure of all the companies which provide moving and packing services. You can select those companies which provide for moving and packing of your product items and provide fee structure according to your budget. You can also ask personally to a company by telephone call about the different fee structures before hiring a moving and packing company.

6 Do you have to charge any additional charges at the time of shifting things?

Be ensure in advance that the company which you are going to hire is they charge any additional fee from you or not?  You can enquire all the detail regarding the fee structure or any other additional charges they charge from you. When you are contracting with movers for shifting their items or products you have a make a survey with different companies and when you select a  particular company then go through all the details and ask questions that are they charge any additional fees from you or not?

7 What type of material do you use during packing?

It is important to know in advance which type of packing material is used by a hiring company Be ensure that in advance that a company is not going to use any inferior quality of material during packing all the items or products. You can ask some relevant question regarding which materials is used to pack an item that does damage any property.

8 Is your company licensed?

The most prominent question that a customer can ask before hiring a  company is that is your company is licensed or not? It means that is a company registered by the government. If a company is registered by the government under a specific law and the company is going to provide services to you according to the rules and regulations prescribed by the government.

9 How much time is it to take for a move?

At present, customers want that their task of packing and moving will be completed in some time. So that s why a customer can ask some valuable questions from a hiring company before hiring that how much time they will take to complete their packing and Moving? When you find a company which takes less as compared to another you can go ahead with them.

10 What type of payment method do you accept?

You can also ask the question to a hiring company before making a contract with them is what type of payment method do you use while payment made to your services. You can ask a hiring company what type of payment method do you accept cash or credit?


If you ask these types of questions you will find a reliable and trustworthy Packing and Moving Company which will give you better services and you have no need to worry about your product items if you hire a reliable company.



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