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What’s the Big Deal About DMARC?


You undoubtedly have many questions if you’ve been keeping up with the industry discussion around DMARC. So why do we need DMARC? Can you explain how it helps stop domain spoofing? Please ask away; we have an answer for every possible question. Additionally, DMARC helps you better understand the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and prevents cybercriminals from abusing your domain. It enables email recipients to verify the origin of messages received from domains they don’t own, generate reports on those messages, and apply policies to those messages.

As a crucial line of defense against Domain spoofing and other cyberthreats like phishing assaults, DMARC also improves the openness of your outgoing email. By identifying authentic emails from fraudulent ones, DMARC enhances the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns and protects your digital brand.

Which Companies Benefit Most from Using DMARC?

The solution is elementary. All. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large, in today’s climate, everyone has to prioritize domain and information security. Even while the vast majority of companies have (maybe unwittingly) installed SPF and DKIM to secure their domains’ email addresses, only around a third have really implemented DMARC to prevent spoofing. This occurs because you either aren’t aware of secure procedures or are in a perpetual state of denial in which you believe that your domain is safe regardless of the circumstances. That is, until you’re hit by the next large email scam campaign and lose a significant number of subscribers and customers.

Another common misunderstanding is that DMARC is difficult to set up. To put DMARC into action for your domain, all you need to do is publish a DMARC record in your DNS using a simple one-line syntax. The challenging aspect is maintaining and monitoring your domains, particularly if you have several of them, as most businesses do.

What’s in it for You and Your Company?

The use of DMARC ensures that your company will have increased defenses against spoofing and phishing. Phishers can’t use your domain to send fake emails in an attempt to steal your customers’ personal information by utilizing domains like DMARC. Ninety percent of DMARC users have reported improved email delivery rates shortly after deploying the technology.

Not just that, however. While some of the emails you send to your followers may be flagged as spam by their respective email providers, DMARC is a safety feature that may assist you avoid this. DMARC not only protects your domain against spoofing, but also increases the likelihood that your genuine marketing emails will be sent to their intended inboxes. If not for the noble purpose of assuring email delivery, deploying DMARC will undoubtedly increase the return on investment (ROI) of your email marketing activities and boost the standing of your domain.

You may instruct the ESPs of your recipients to provide you DMARC reports when you set up DMARC for your company. Important for tracking email traffic, these reports show you how successful or unsuccessful each email’s authentication attempt was. However, the raw results are sent as XML files, which are not user-friendly.

Our DMARC Report Analyzer is designed to collect DMARC information from all of your ESPs and display them in a unified dashboard. When you hire us, we’ll take care of the data entry, organization, and management, and provide the results in a manner that’s easy for anybody to grasp. Furthermore, you may save the information in a detailed PDF format to distribute to staff members. For quicker identification of rogue IP addresses, our dynamic dashboard displays both high-level information that can be absorbed at a glance and comprehensive data on your sending sources.



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