NewsHow to Draw a Coral Reef

How to Draw a Coral Reef


Learn to draw a beautiful coral reef with easy drawing ideas and step by step and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent drawing of a coral reef. “With each drop of water that drinks, every breath it takes, is connected to the sea. It doesn’t count where you live on land. The sea generates the most oxygen in the atmosphere. “Coral reefs are among the numerous various ecosystems on the planet.” Large stone-type networks are made by little, almost tiny creatures called coral polyps.


Polyps live and grow in the colonies, filtering their food with water or using solar energy. Australia’s great co-ray barrier is one of the most extensive coral reefs in the world. It is so unique that it can be seen from a distance. Unfortunately, this reef and others are threatened by pollution, overfishing, and climate change. Would you like to dive and draw a cartoon coral reef? This easy drawing tutorial drawing is there to show you how. All you need is a pen or a pencil and a sheet of paper.


Drawing a coral reef

Step 1:

Draw several sets of curved lines, a series that overlaps the next. It begins to shape some of the rocks and corals that make up the reef. Detail the coral with curved lines.

Step 2:

Draw another series of curved lines on the others and detail the upper part with a curved line. These are called shelves. Then draw a deer coral. Use curved line series that double to form rounded branches that resemble the members of a tree or deer.

Step 3:

Draw more coral Staghorn. Again, use the curved line series that doubles to form rounded branches.

coral reef

Step 4:

Draw a long horizontal line to form a sand bank at the bottom of the ocean. Using a series of curved lines to describe a five-point star. Draw curved lines from its base to the ends of the components. It is a sea star. Then, on one side of the page, draw layers of wavy lines, indicating sponges.

Step 5:

Draw more layers of wavy lines, connecting the sponges or coral stack with the bottom of the sea.

Step 6:

Draw “U” lines to detail the sponges. Then draw more sponges on the other side of the page.

Step 7:

Draw more “U” lines series. Then draw seaweed or sea herb. Use pairs of wavy curved lines at the points at the top.

Step 8:

Draw a big sponge. Use curved lines that overlap to form the arms or branches of the animal. Updates an oval opening at the end of each branch. In free water on the sponge, start drawing a jellyfish. Draw a large “u” form and connect the ends with a series of small lines in “U.” This forms the animal’s body or bell.

Step 9:

Draw curved lines to indicate spicy tentacles. Use curved lines to describe a tropical fish. It is heart-shaped, with three curved lines that extend between the packages and form a triangular tail. Details the fish with vertical curved lines for scratches and shades a small circle to indicate the eye.

Step 10:

Color your cartoon coral reef. Healthy reefs are full of creatures in bright colors. The sick or dying reefs experience a washing of the corals, which means that the small animals that make up the corals die, and the remaining structures become white.


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