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6 Best Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed During The Event


Audience engagement is enhanced in multiple forms, like photo booths, virtual reality, and live streams. One such form is displaying a live Twitter feed during events. And this comes as no surprise since it has one of the largest user-base worldwide.

However, displaying live Twitter feeds brilliantly at events needs a social aggregation tool with brilliant features and an easy-to-use interface. We have some in mind, and let’s read till the end to find the one which suits your objectives!

6 Best Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed

There are multiple objectives in the mind of event planners while organizing an event; displaying a live Twitter feed through the best tool catalyzes the process.

1. Taggbox

With the help of Taggbox, a Twitter aggregator application, you can not only combine several live Twitter feeds from Twitter but also customize them to make them more visually appealing, meaningful, and appealing.

Through its many capabilities, Taggbox makes it simple to change the feed’s appearance. Additionally, it alters the theme, design, background of the feed, presentation, and content colors to draw viewers in. As a result, it’s an impressively simple-to-use program that prevents access to profane and competing feeds while presenting only the appropriate stream.

Any size and type of screen can use it. Both developers and marketers like it as an appropriate social aggregation tool. Additionally, it offers immediate feed updates so that your Twitter feed maintains its relevance.

2. Twitter Widget

Twitter offers its users the ability to utilize Twitter Widgets to embed their public timelines, the timelines of other users, and specific Twitter posts on websites. They are one of the most dependable methods for including Twitter feeds on your website because they are provided directly by Twitter.

Various widget configurations enable you to embed Favorites on Twitter, Searches, tweets from public lists, and user timelines.

With the aid of Twitter widgets, you may give your website’s users access to your embedded Twitter feeds neatly and linearly. All one need to do is add a short piece of code to your webpage that links to your Twitter timeline or feed. Then, depending on your preferences, you can incorporate your Twitter feeds into various themes and layouts.

3. Tintup

Another outstanding social media aggregator tool is Tintup, which will collect, curate, and aggregate the relevant live Twitter feed to show it on big screens at events. You can simultaneously publish the live feed using Tintup to your website, other connected screens, and online adverts. Additionally, it will enable you to modify your feed before showing it. It operates on a real-time feed update, making it efficient and appropriate for significant events.

User involvement, brand loyalty, and trust propel a company’s expansion. The most effective approach to staying competitive and maintaining a customer relationship is to employ user-generated material via social media aggregator tools.

4. Hootfeed

The well-known social media aggregator Hootsuite has unveiled Hootfeed, a service designed to aggregate Twitter content. Hootfeed enables you to broadcast a live Twitter stream on screens at events.

Full-screen Twitter feeds, content moderation and profanity filters, an interface that is simple to use and share with the audience, screen size modifications to match different display sizes, and increased feed customizability are all available.

With more personalization, you can create a feed that encourages the most audience involvement and engagement. Hootfeed is a simple and easy-to-use solution for your events.

It is simple to set up and can help you make your event successful. It does not require expert or technical skills.

5. Everwall

A social media aggregation program called Everwall enables you to gather and display Twitter material in a single Twitter feed. Tweetwall was the previous name for Everwall.

This tool can modify your Twitter feed wall with a wide range of images, colors, and layouts.

Additionally, it offers the choice of showing Twitter content in real-time, enabling you to include up-to-date and original content in your events. You can view those who have received the most interactions & engagements using its tracking of keywords & hashtags.

Installation is simple, with the need for an internet connection and a display screen. Additionally, you can modify the content of the Twitter feed to suit your needs.

6. Elfsight

Elfsight is an additional Twitter embedding tool that enables you to easily customize and responsively integrate and display Twitter feeds on your website. It provides responsive Twitter feed widgets for embedding Twitter live feeds on websites. Showcasing user-generated reviews helps you increase user engagement on your website, attract more new followers and retweets on your Twitter profile, and establish user trust.

Its pricing schemes are incredibly straightforward and offer a money-back guarantee. Four pricing choices are available: Lite, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. You can start with the free Lite plan and upgrade as your business expands.

Wrapping Up!

Be ready to enhance the audience engagement of your live events by embedding live Twitter feeds through any of these social media aggregation tools. We have cherry-picked these for you, so select the one that serves your objectives.


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